Building Fresh Communities
For Families.

Our focus is to build up entrepreneurs and their families to secure sustainable housing and homeownership.

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About us

Using Resources to Give Hand Ups and Never Handouts.

We formed a non-profit organization because a group of community professionals witnessed a need for families to have access to housing. In 2019, Fresh Community Development Inc organized as a 501 C 3 organization with a small group of professional board members. Shortly after, we expanded our organization to Tampa, Florida and then Augusta, Georgia.

The mission of this organization is to provide
cost-effective resources to low-income families in
need of financial and business literacy to improve
their chances for access to housing or home ownership.

Free Certification Programs
The Personal Bailout Plan

If you want to create better financial outcomes, this course is for you. We offer customized resources for people who are in need of a better financial outlook.
Just follow these simple steps outlined inside of this course and create a plan that will work for you, designed by you! We are here to fill in the blanks and help you create the strategies to get you and your entire family financially protected and developing.

The Stop Renting and Start Mortgage

If you want to buy a house, this course was created as a way to efficiently create home buying exposure to a renting population of families. As we truly do understand why so many people are renting as opposed to buying a home. There are so many barriers that prevent homeownership that inadvertently prevent wealth accumulation in certain ethnic groups and families.

Fee Based Certification Programs
The Homeownership Depot

Are you employed full-time and looking for a way to buy your first home? We have designed this program for new home buyers that need support navigating through the process of homeownership. This program partners with strong and reliable real estate and business professionals for the purpose of creating 500 new homeowners this year. Register for your individual strategy meeting to discuss your homeownership plan and options.

The Ownership Challenge

Do you want to invest in real estate but don’t know where to start? This program was created to increase the number of real estate investors who want to make that HGTV money in their community. We save you the time, frustration, and guesswork because we already have the funding relationships in place to make sure you have a smooth process to help you acquire land and property. Register for your individual strategy meeting to discuss your plan and options for buying real estate.

Learning Based Certification Programs

PABD Zone: Certified Business Buddy

Does your child want to learn more about starting a business? Our non-profit organization certifies children K – 5 as business buddy’s with PABD Zone. Become a Certified Business Buddy free when you make a purchase of the book, Open For Business written by Dr. Tori Brown. This course will help your child be one step closer to accomplishing their goal as a business owner or partner!

Elevate Yourself!

Are You Serious About the Family Finances?

Order The Elevate Pack

Get everything you need in resources and information to start your business, plan your family business, grow your personal net worth and improve your personal credit

“We are willing to do everything we can to build our resources to help people become homeowners”. – Treasurer

“Coming together as community professionals gives us the expertise we need to build access to homeownership”. – Vice President

“Financial literacy for the families is what we stand on as we work with people in our community to enhance ownership”. – Member